zaterdag 2 april 2016

Wellicious for precious wellbeing

Wellicious stay down leggings
Souplesse Oblige loves the British brand Wellicious for its high quality yoga basics. Check out their yoga pants - long or 3/4 - or their stay down leggings that come across your foot with a cutout for the heel. Wellicious uses eco-friendly fabrics like Lyocell, Tencel and organic cotton that feel really comfortable on dry and sweaty skin. The Wellicious products are all manufactured in Europe, namely in Portugal and Italy.

I've started offering Wellicious items in the summer of 2013. Many customers who tried on the clothing in one of our pop-up stores were convinced to spend the extra euros on this brand because it feels good and looks good. You can wash the Wellicious clothing plenty of times and it will still look and feel great.

You can imagine our disappointment when we received news in January that Wellicious was unable to deliver our spring order. They were unable to pre-finance the collection: "High production costs through organic fabrics and fair labor combined with a weak EURO have put us under enormous financial pressure. We were and still are not willing to make compromises on our ethical positioning and manufacture in low cost countries."

Wellicious and Souplesse Oblige share the same goal:
- offer quality sportswear for the growing number of women interested in sustainable living
- being active does not mean you sacrifice style for practicality
We will continue to bring you sustainability, quality and style and hopefully Wellicious/Precious Wellbeing will join us again shortly.

Shop the last Wellicious items at Souplesse Oblige: the popular yoga pants, easy leggings, stay down leggings and the last gorgeous sports tops.

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